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I have been taking photographs since I was 5 years old; I began taking workshops about five years ago when I retired from the City of Seattle. I try to do something related to photography every day and I continue to learn and hopefully improve.

Please enjoy my photos.
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Mexico 2014

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Created 26-Mar-24
Modified 26-Mar-24
Mexico 2014

frozen flowers

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Created 18-Oct-23
Modified 18-Oct-23
frozen flowers

Fisherman's Terminal

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13 photos
Created 16-Feb-15
Modified 16-Feb-15
Fisherman's Terminal

2013 Favorites

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70 photos
Created 8-Dec-13
Modified 8-Dec-13
2013 Favorites

Jekyll Island

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27 photos
Created 26-Oct-13
Modified 26-Oct-13
Jekyll Island

Gardens and Flowers

Modified 14-Jun-12
0 photos
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